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Senior 2023 Pricing

SENIOR Class of 2023 Portraits by Gregg


As we head into a new High School Senior season we are very excited for you and us. In January 2022 we decided to sell the building on Midland Rd and we will now be only doing sessions on location. With that comes the opportunity to work in locations that have meaning to you. We now have a host of options such as your school football field, baseball diamond, gym, favorite park, the family cottage or a public beach. I love my home town of St. Charles because it has a lot to offer when it comes to great portrait locations. One of those is Ringwood Forrest. Ringwood is a historical park with huge White Pines, great paths, a fantastic gate and lots of little hidden treasures. St. Charles Coalminers Park comes to life in the fall with its great pathways, beautiful large oak trees, pines and lots of space. We just acquired a 10 acre parcel of land that has a small lake with great possibilities.

Travel is definitely an option. The gym, the theater, the riding stable, you name it, I can make great photographs there. Maybe your home has a fantastic back or front yard, I can do that. Maybe you want the city as your background. City Scapes and Gregg go hand in hand. He has won may awards from professional organizations for his interpretation of the City Scape since 1984...let us create your urban portraits from the many locations Saginaw or Bay City have to offer.

How about the big beach at Bay City State Park. It hosts the best of both worlds, with the woodlands and the beach,. The possibilities with this location are endless.

We at Portraits by Gregg have always felt if you are going to have us travel it should be a place that has special meaning to you. The family cottage is definitely one of those places. When on the road to northern Michigan for a senior session maybe add a family portrait to the day.

After the portraits have been captured we will be working from our website to bring the images to you. You will have access to them 7-10 days from your session date. Once you have seen them you will pick your favorites for your Senior Art Book. The book contains a minimum of 20 images. The Art Books are hard bound metallic covers and linen textured pages. Each image selected for your book will be beautifully retouched. For those of you that can’t limit your selection to 20 images, you can upgrade to a larger amount for an additional fee.

Once the Art Book has been made, you will receive digital images of every image in the book. You can print from these images or you can have us do the printing. We feel quality printing is an art in itself. We have worked with the same printer for over 33 years making our finished prints heads and shoulders above the rest. All images printed by us include a heavy mounting backer board on sizes 8x10 and larger. This adds to the longevity of the print and helps against damage as time

goes on. All prints 5x7 and larger are also sprayed with a clear lacquer. All prints will have a slight pebble texture, not a glossy finish or a dull matte, but, with a beautiful luster. If you want to leave the printing to the professionals, we have discounted our entire line of prints up to 50% off from 2021 prices.

We will also continue to offer Canvas Gallery Wraps and Super Glossy Metal prints at the reduced rate from years past. Both of these designs are self hanging. The “no frame needed to hang” with either of these options gives the image a very modern and yet timeless look to your home.

But, if you think you want to have control of your printing, for the first time in Portraits by Gregg history, you can. It is all up to you!

A deposit of $250 will be taken at the time your session is booked and $1000 is due at the end of the portrait session. Depending on your printing preference any additional balances must be paid when your order is placed. All digital images will be sent to you via email upon completion of your Art Book. All printing and Art Books will be drop shipped directly to you!

We are adopting this one cost price structure to keep everything simple. The basic senior portrait session with Art Book and digital images is $1250. Prices are for sessions within 30 miles of our home, beyond we will have additional fees to cover milage and lodging.

As in the past, we feel a consultation to discuss the personalization of your senior session is a must. That insures a successful

and unique experience for you. This consultation can take place over the phone while viewing our website for ideas. We will make an appointment for this phone conversation.

The changes over the last year have been many and we are excited about all of them, we hope you are too.